BMW Secure Vehicle Against Rolling Investigation

The Heber Law Firm LLC is investigating a potential class action lawsuit involving an alleged defect that causes faulty error messages, such as “secure vehicle with parking brake,” “secure vehicle against rolling,” and similar messages.  Owners have reported this issue with respect to the 2016 and 2017 BMW X1 and 2015 to 2017 Mini Cooper models.  The problem is reportedly caused by a faulty spring in the gear shift unit, and BMW reportedly charges thousands of dollars for a repair that fixes the issue.

Examples of this reportedly occurring include the following:

  • An owner of a 2017 X1 vehicle reported their iDrive system showed the following message: “Secure vehicle with parking brake when stationary.  Have the problem checked by Service Partner.”  They reported the error occurred every time the car was parked on level ground and that the message would remain even if the parking brake was applied.
  • An owner of a 2017 BMW X1 reported seeing a message that states, “Transmission: Secure vehicle with parking brake when stopped.  Contact service center.”
  • An owner of a 2017 BMW X1 stated their vehicle showed a “secure vehicle from rolling” message.
  • An owner of a 2017 BMW X1 stated a dealer wanted to charge 7 hours of labor to fix a “secure vehicle against rolling” light.
  • An owner of a 2017 BMW X1 stated their car kept showing a “Stop Your Car from Rolling” message, and a dealer quoted thousands of dollars to fix the problem.
  • The owner of a 2017 Mini Cooper reported they repeatedly received an error message that states, “Transmission: secure vehicle against rolling.”  They stated the message showed up every time they put the car in park and turned it off.
  • An owner of a 2016 Mini Cooper reported a “Secure Vehicle from Rolling” message appeared on their car and a dealer quoted thousands of dollars to fix the issue.
  • An owner of a 2015 Mini Cooper reported they get a warning that states, “secure vehicle with parking brake when stationary” when the car is in park position.  They stated the warning would not go away and a diagnostic test showed indicated the problem was a defective gear shift lever spring.

If you own or lease a BMW or Mini Cooper vehicle and have experienced this problem, please contact us via the form on this page.  


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