Ford F-150 Shattering Rear Window Investigation

The Heber Law Firm LLC is investing a potential class action lawsuit involving allegations that rear windows in Ford F-150 vehicles spontaneously shatter.  Some drivers have complained of exploding windows in F-150 models dating back to 2010.  Some complaints also report the window shattered when using the rear window’s heated defrost feature.  

Examples of complaints include the following:

  • A driver reported their rear window cracked along the entire length of the window and shattered after they activated defrosting for the rear window prior to parking the vehicle.
  • A driver reported their rear middle sliding window shattered/blew out while they were driving, and it sounded like a “gunshot.”
  • An owner reported the rear windshield of her 2020 Ford F-150 shattered and detached after her husband closed the driver’s side front door. 
  • The owner of a 2016 Ford F-150 reported that the rear windshield shattered without impact, and broken glass fell onto the rear seat occupants.

If you own or lease a Ford F-150 that has experienced this issue, please contact us via the form on this page.


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Nathaniel Heber
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