Toyota RAV4 Brake Malfunction Investigation

The Heber Law Firm LLC is investigating a potential class action lawsuit involving alleged brake malfunction in Toyota RAV4 vehicles.

Examples of reported issues include:

  • Vehicle accelerating while braking, often while slowly coming to a stop
  • Vehicle not slowing or stopping when the brake pedal is pressed
  • The vehicle jerking when the foot is removed from the brake to accelerate after stopping
  • Warning lights indicating a brake problem and that the driver should pull over

Some consumers have reported collisions as a result of the alleged brake malfunction described above.

The above alleged issue(s) reportedly may occur without a warning light appearing, such as a brake issue warning, and may not be reproducible by service technicians. 

Consumers have complained of this type of issue in at least Toyota RAV4 model years 2020, 2021, and 2022.  However, the Heber Law Firm LLC is interested in knowing about complaints of the issue occurring in other Toyota models as well.

If you own or lease a Toyota RAV4 that has experienced this issue and would be interested in serving as a class representative, please contact us via the form on this page.  


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Nathaniel Heber
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