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Automobiles are essential to our daily lives and one of the largest purchases we make.  We rely on our vehicles for essential daily activities, whether it is to commute to work, for business purposes,  grocery shopping, or transporting loved ones.  Unfortunately, automobiles often have defects that can require expensive repairs and reduce their value.  Worse, they can compromise the safety of drivers and their passengers. 

When an automaker refuses to sufficiently remedy a defect, an individual consumer may lack the resources to take on companies that employ powerful law firms.  However, consumers are fighting back with class action lawsuits, through which one person can file a lawsuit for their own claim and seek to represent thousands of other customers as well.  To learn more about the importance of class action lawsuits in auto defect cases, review our FAQs

US Auto Law keeps you informed about class action lawsuits brought by consumers throughout the United States seeking to attain justice for consumers with defective automobiles.  More educated consumers make for more empowered consumers.