About Us

Our Purpose

At US Auto Law, we know educated consumers are empowered consumers. US Auto Law keeps you informed about class action lawsuits brought by consumers throughout the United States seeking to attain justice for defective vehicles.

Automobiles are essential to our daily lives and one of the largest purchases we make. We rely on our vehicles for essential daily activities, whether it is to commute to work, for business purposes, grocery shopping, or transporting loved ones. Unfortunately, automobiles often have defects that can require expensive repairs and reduce their value. Worse, they can compromise the safety of drivers and their passengers.

When an automaker refuses to sufficiently remedy a defect, an individual consumer often lacks the resources to take on auto companies represented by powerful law firms. However, consumers are fighting back with class action lawsuits.

A class action lawsuit can achieve what a single consumer often cannot. One person files a lawsuit for not only their own claim but also seeks to represent thousands of other consumers as well. Backed by the power of numbers, a class action plaintiff may be able to force the automaker to right the wrong on behalf of an entire category of affected consumers. These class action plaintiffs can attain representation from law firms that specialize in the complex area of class action litigation. To learn more about the importance of class action lawsuits in auto defect cases, review our FAQs.


About The Founder

Nathan Heber has practiced law for over a decade and has a passion for auto defect class actions.

Nathan saw first-hand the challenge consumers face when automakers refuse to take accountability for auto defects when his father experienced a recurring auto defect that cost thousands of dollars to repair. After evaluating the possible options, Nathan determined a class action lawsuit offered the best chance for relief.

Now, Nathan helps other consumers by keeping them informed about auto defect class actions.

Nathan earned his law degree at Emory University School of Law with honors. He also received a Bachelor’s degree with high honors from Indiana University and a Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics.

He currently practices law in Atlanta, Georgia.