BMW Rear Hatch/Tailgate Opening Investigation

The Heber Law Firm LLC is investigating a potential class action lawsuit involving alleged instances of the rear hatches/tailgates opening while driving in BMW X3, X4, and X5 models.  Examples of this reportedly occurring include the following:

  • The owner of a 2017 BMW X3 reported the power lift gate spontaneously opened while the car was moving forward, causing contents of the cargo area to fall out.
  • The owner of a 2020 BMW X4 reported the hatchback opened while driving.
  • The owner of a 2021 BMW X5 reported their lower tailgate caused them to dump a load of groceries on a busy highway.
  • The owner of a 2017 BMW X5 reported their rear tailgate suddenly flew open while driving at a speed of 25 mph.
  • The owner of a 2022 BMW X3 reported their rear hatch opened while they were driving on the highway and resulted in boxes falling out.

If you own or lease a BMW and have experienced this problem, please contact us via the form on this page.  


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The attorney responsible for this investigation advertisement is:

Nathaniel Heber
Heber Law Firm LLC

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