Kia Soul Seatbelt Lawsuit

Class action attorneys sued Kia Motors on April 27, 2021 claiming the company’s Soul SK3 vehicles have defective seat belts.  Specifically, they allege the SUVs have a 60/40 split folding rear bench seat and when it folds down, passengers cannot access the seat belt. 

The lawsuit alleges Kia marketed the split folding rear bench seat as a “marvel of adaptability,” while failing to disclose the seat belt defect to buyers or lessors.  The attorneys claim the defect is a safety problem because it deprives riders of the ability to use a seat belt and that Kia’s promotion of the vehicle constituted false advertising. 

The lawsuit asks that Kia pay restitution and punitive damages because “Kia intentionally and willfully deceived” consumers.

The lawsuit is James Javier Maurico v. Kia Motors, Inc., No. 4:21-cv-03056-DMR and was filed in the Northern District of California.  The Veen Firm, P.C., and Bisnar/Chase LLP represent the lead plaintiff and purported class.

You can read the complaint below: