New Class Action Alleges Defective Outlet Pipe in Jaguar, Land Rover Vehicles

New Class Action Alleges Defective Outlet Pipe in Jaguar, Land Rover Vehicles

A lawsuit claims range rovers have defective outlet pipes
  • By: Staff Writer
  • Published August 4, 2023

A proposed class action filed in Florida this week targets 2013 through 2017 model year Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles equipped with a fused, plastic outlet pipe.  This pipe, the lawsuit claims, malfunctions and causes coolant to spill on the engine, causing catastrophic engine damage.

The lawsuit seeks to hold liable Jaguar land Rover Limited, Land Rover North America, LLC, and Tata Motors Group, which is Jaguar Land Rover Limited’s parent company (collectively, “Jaguar”).

Shelor’s Alleged Experience

As alleged in the complaint, Florida resident Warren Shelor claims he bought a Range Rover Sport with the defect. He was driving on the highway when a “Low Coolant” light came on, followed by an “Engine Overheating Light,” he states. He had the vehicle towed to a Range Rover dealership, which allegedly told him the issue was a “blown engine related to the front outlet pipe,” with a repair cost of at least about $30,000.

Shelor claims when he asked whether other Range Rover Sport vehicles were having similar issues, dealership employees responded, “Yep, we get these in here all the time.” He alleges dealership employees told him this issue started when Jaguar switched the front outlet pipe from metal to a fused, plastic outlet pipe that would split, leaking coolant across the engine. After his vehicle was disassembled and the issue confirmed, Jaguar’s customer relationship center said Jaguar would offer to pay less than half of the repair costs, while refusing to memorialize this offer in writing.

“Upon information and belief,” Shelor asserts, “Defendants engaged in a campaign of deceit to hide the existence of the Defective Outlet Pipes from Shelor and the Proposed Class in order to avoid the costly repairs associated with the Defective Outlet Pipes.”

Proposed Class

Shelor filed the lawsuit on behalf of himself and also a proposed class of owners, lessees, and former owners and lessees, of affected class vehicles, as well as a similar Florida subclass.

Legal Claims

The lawsuit claims Jaguar is liable for breach of warranty, violation of Florida’s Unfair and Deceptive Business Practices Act, and negligent representation. Shelor asks the court to require Jaguar to replace the allegedly defective outlet pipes, and/or repair and remediate the damage they caused. He seeks various other remedies the court, including damages, interest, and attorney fees.

The case is Warren Shelor, et al. v. TATA Motors Group, Jaguar Land Rover Limited, and Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC, number 3:23-cv-00908, in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

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